Nailless plywood,wooden boxes manufacturer in india

Better Safety, More Simplicity

Efficient design meets fine workmanship in Newel’s Nail-less Packaging Boxes. Easy to handle and safer to work with, these nail-less boxes symbolize best ‘value for money’!

At Newel Packaging, we take pride in designing and manufacturing nail-less packaging boxes that offer protection to your materials from moisture, heat, dust and other elements. Sturdy yet flexible, these nail-less boxes are an easy, economical packaging solution, ideally suited for transporting a wide variety of goods. Made from premium quality plywood as per ISPM 15 standards, these collapsible boxes are heavily used in export packing by clients across diverse industries.

Foldable by design, these boxes help optimize space when they are not in use. Also, being nail-free, they offer enhanced safety during handling. Our customers have enjoyed wide-ranging business benefits from our nail-less packaging boxes.

Go for the new-age, smart packaging solution. Go for Nail-less Packaging Boxes from Newel Packaging.

Why Nailless Packaging

  • Easy to Transport
  • Re-UsableBetter Carrying Capacity & Aesthetics
  • Label Holders
  • ISPM Compliance Material
  • Branding & Standards
  • Galvanized Steel Offers Enhanced Safety
  • No wood, screws, nails, stapling or adhesives make much safer work & environment

Nailless Packing – Key Features

  • Shorter Lead Time for Production
  • Lean Packaging Inventory at Packing Site
  • Suitable for any Industrial Application
  • ISPM Compliance Material
  • Offers Standard and On-demand sizes to meet all needs
  • Foldable design makes easy to stack & store
  • Saving in transportation per box due to light weight
  • Delivered in dismantled form for better Space Utilization


  • Multicolor printing of logo & Address
  • Safety symbols, handling instructions and other standards


  • Capacity from 25 kg to 5500 kg
  • Stacking Load 375 kg per cubic foot
  • Base type 2 way or 4 way pallets


  • Poplar/ Birch / Eucaplyptus Plywood, OSB
  • Locking materials : Metallic Strips & Tongues

Advantage Newel

Newel Packaging is creating new benchmarks in the protective packaging industry


Creating new functional designs by utilizing design expertise & the latest tools.


State-of-the-art production facility with streamlined, optimized workflow for improved operational efficiency.

Quality Assurance

A focus on world class quality, with stringent measures integrated into the production process.

Cost Control

Enabling real savings to customers by delivering tailormade solutions that eliminate wastage and reduce time as well as effort in packing/unpacking.

Customer Support

Dedicated Sales & Marketing Department for efficient customer service with rapid response.

Risk Management

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